"We had a great experience! The location is great, the ultrasound room was so spacious and even had toys for our older son to play with! Services were very professional and thoughtful! We were so accommodated and had such a special experience."

-Nisha C.

"I highly recommend this business! Coordinating an appointment, even when I needed to reschedule, was such a breeze! They were so easy to work with and I was excited to see their place! It was really easy to find and so nice inside when I arrived. The owner was incredibly sweet and nice."

-Whitley B.

"Love love love this sweet little company! Very satisfied with the customer service, atmosphere, and quality of ultrasound. So special to have such amazing memories captured!"


"Great place. Chalah was awesome. She made me feel so comfortable and spent lots of time explaining everything."

-Honey L.

"We had such an amazing experience here! First of all, it is such a warm and inviting space to walk in to. The viewing room is very large and has a huge TV so you can see everything on the screen. There are two couches for anyone you would like there, and even toys for your little ones to play with. Chalah was so thorough and great in explaining everything. I was SO impressed with our entire experience, and will definitely recommend this business to all of my friends and family."

-Kaylee A.

"I had a great experience here! Very neat, clean, and personable. The owner was very knowledgeable and made you feel super comfortable. I highly recommend going here."

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"We had such a wonderful experience, it was so worth the drive from Helena! I would highly recommend anyone to go. The owner was nothing short of amazing, patient, and kind!! I will definitely be going back!"

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"Chalah was amazing, kind, and very knowledgeable. We had a great experience here!"

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"Chalah is kind, professional, and knowledgeable. She and her team are the perfect people to help you through an ultrasound. It just doesn’t get any better."

-Jason H.

"Best place I’ve ever gone, felt right at home, and was taken care of very well. Well with the drive!"

-Autumn M.

"The intimacy of this place and the knowledge of the medical director provided one of the more professional moments we have had. Highly recommend to anyone!"

-Jordan J.

"We loved our experience! It was such a warm and comfortable environment. The owner was so friendly and welcoming; we felt immediately comfortable with her and appreciated her obvious knowledge and experience in the field. Grateful to have such a wonderful opportunity in Bozeman!"

-Shanna E.

"Great experience! Chalah is very knowledgeable and explained everything to us very clearly!"

-Melissa K.

"Great experience all around. Very knowledgeable and knows what she is doing; takes her time showing you everything and makes you feel comfortable! Would surely go back for more ultrasound needs."

-Pam N.

"Wonderful experience. Thank you for making it comfortable! I would highly recommend having your ultrasounds done here."

-Cabby A.

"Such a wonderful experience! Very relaxing and comfortable. We were made to feel welcome and important. Would absolutely recommend and will be returning in the future!"

-Shelby F.

"The personal service given by the ladies here is second to none! They were kind and patient with our family."

-Jolyn M.

"Incredible experience. Chalah is so kind and knowledgable and beings someone that can’t do hospitals, this was the perfection option for me! Can’t speak more highly of this business!"

-Kait C.

"Why go anywhere else? This place is the best! Very personable experience and comfortable atmosphere."

-CJ R.

"Very welcoming and friendly! Check them out!"

-Andrew A.

"We had to drive 3 hours to get there, but it was definitely worth it! It was an awesome experience."

-Kyla T.

"Awesome place! Loved how in depth the ultrasound was and how everything we were seeing was explained to us!"


"We had a great experience! Beautiful office and fantastic staff!"

-Abigail S.

"Amazing experience! Great location with friendly and knowledgeable ultrasound tech. Highly recommend!"

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"We had such an amazing experience working with this business. The tech went above and beyond our expectations!"

-Hannah O.

"My husband and I loved the experience! Chalah is so awesome and sweet! She did a great job describing what we were looking at. I loved the atmosphere; I felt very calmed and relaxed. We live in Butte but it was definitely worth the drive. We will be back!"

-Genesis T.

"Amazing service and very cozy place! Thank you so much for getting us in on short notice."

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"Wonderful environment, very down to earth owner, and will be coming back. I recommend this business to anyone."

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"A very welcoming place to go! Chalah is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly."

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"This place is exactly what Bozeman needs. The space is warm and inviting and does not feel like a doctor’s office. Chalah does a great job making you feel comfortable as well. You will love her!"

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"I’ve worked with Chalah for years, and she is an excellent ultrasound tech. She combines great technical ability with wonderful care and does it in a comfortable, fun setting."


"Very thorough and talked us through the whole process!"

-Jason H.

"Beautiful location! Great experience!"

-Sadie C.

"Very welcoming and calm. It doesn’t feel like a regular ultrasound visit! I was also remembered by my phone conversation. Everything was explained to me which was great. I recommend this place if you are in Montana!"

-Tricia A.